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I did not get a chance today to try in the corner but will do so at some point next week

mak - why do you say that with this sub it is better in sealed than IB? Not being funny or anything just interested to know a bit more on hoe to choose a sub that works well in a IB (what to look out for in the specs)

I will probably still go ahead with the IB as I am interested to listen to this setup as I have never heard it through like this before. I think I will make it up with the scrap mdf I have lying about first to see rather than going out buying new mdf just in case it does not sound as good compared to a sealed unit. That way if I dont like the way it sounds in a IB can chuck the wood out.

Mob - It was your thread that inspired me to try this IB out as before I have never heard of it but will keep this thread updated with pics