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Originally Posted by veloziROTHTOR View Post
i'm getting some good letters every day, it's mindblowing. complete opposite of here where most girls demand equality and then expect you to do all the work.

i think it's worth checking out, worst case you paid for a vacation.
SIGH! OK.....while i have my mid day tea before going off to the gym.
Gather around boys.

If you are in your late 20's to mid 30's we talked about the joys of discovering that women age like french bread...or cut flowers...mean while you on the other hand are looking better and better every day. Not only are you worth more but you are also working out and the results are amazing. But there is a are now working your ass off in the office and have turned to online dating because all of your wing men are not married, married with kids or married trying to have kids..and there is no way their wives are going to let them be your wing men so now you are a loan wolf out there and that's not fun!

so online dating.

it sucks
it blow
it suck and blow hard and fast.
we talke about that hot chick you knew when you were 22 looking like she fell face first from ugly tree hit every branch on the way down with her face and then was run over by the ugly express? Well that ... thing...still thinks it should be getting free drinks at bars and is still a hot piece of ass and should be dating guys who have six pack abs and pull in high six figures though her vagina looks like it exploded and her ass is well...huge! Denial runs deep. Oh and she's on OKcupid and where she receives a good 10 emails a day from desperate indian/pakistani/turkish/engineer types

Your email no the other hand...not even registers on her radar. She is getting her ego blown by the stinky classes and rejecting them like it's her job. Mean while you are pumping out say 10 emails a day and getting maybe 1 back per month?
Easy on the first month
OK on the second month
Third month you are now drinking
Fourth month shit you are down right jaded
Fifth month you are depressed as all hell.
In fact many therapist tell their stable well educated well put together male patients NOT TO GO ON dating web pages.
It is a known cause of depression. And in some cases very very serious depression. Being rejected 100 times per month by fugly looking women though your net value has increased and you a good body and a good mind and feel as if you are a catch...will fuck with your head..
Feel free to google the subject.

That's where the mail order system gets you and gets you good!
these women are well educated and know the value of a decent guy...hell compared to the drunk fucktard who just threw up in front of them at the bar you are down right a god! So...yeah they return your emails.
Unlike the chubbies ok POF or OKcupid.
Add to it that unlike the US run dating web pages there are 4 girls to every available man on these web pages and the competition is fierce!

So yeah, they do look that good and yeah they are really responding to him.
Sure the photos were taken by a professional and there may be some photo shopping but you can be assured that what shows up at the airport when you go to visit her will be 90% of what you saw.

Unlike in the US where you meet the girl and how the fuck did she gain 50lbs so fucking fast!