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mr p-j

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huh,,, my set positioning motor gave in at about 50 k.
made the 4x4 and breaklight come on. also made the car 100% rear weel drive.
there are a couple of fuses that you can check that can make that light come on as well. (behind the glovebox)

but still cant see the connection for the clutch problem and the 4x4 light or the set positioning motor.

coming from a dsm eagle talon whit a act clutch i messed around quite alot whit clutches not dissengageing.
a clutch that overheats can get "wavey" and cause the space between the preassure plate and the flyweel to get to small. this is hard to notice under normal driving. but high rpm shifting is very sensitive for clutch drag.

not saying that this is your problem...
but do you know when the it started to shift hard? at the same time that the 4x4 light came on?

wrong oil in the gearbox make a world of difference if you by chance have had it changed lately.