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Originally Posted by briers View Post
Remember that if you remove the egr valve you will always reduce soot production. If the ecu isn't recycling nox back into the combustion this will reduce soot.

Nox burns cooler than air and therefore produces an inefficient burn of the fuel leaving a higher quantity of soot.

The 335d egr implementation is quite relaxed compared to some Japanese diesels. So even with the egr active soot is not as aggressive as some cars. I've seen the egr valves in some Japanese cars absolutly caked in carbon in just 20,000 miles.
I know what you're saying, but the combustion temp is higher as it doesn't have the EGR to cool it so the DPF remains able to burn/regen properly.

15,000 miles with the EGR removed and zero issues negatively

I've done several sporadic checks using autologic, and the DPF soot levels have been minimal even after a couple of days of heavy town driving.
It really doesn't cause an issue - and comes with positive benefits too

Originally Posted by PhilM View Post
Did it throw an engine light when you removed it?

If so did you map it out or just leave it?

Lincoln isn't even an hour from me.. Not bad.

Nope, not mapped out, simply removed and vacuum plugged

I've not had an engine management light - nothing stored in the ECU either
(Seem times you get code flagged in the ECU without flashing the engine management light)

That's cool - like I say, if you want to do it I'm happy to fit it for you
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