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I first posted this back Nov 20th 2012 and it is now Jan 6th and I still don't have my car back. The latest is that the Carbon Buildup issue is not the problem. I irony is that the first time they showed me the codes I mentioned to them it looked like the Carbon Buildup issue which they ignored me on.

To top everything off the warranty company is claiming they will not cover the Carbon Buildup issue because it is emissions related which is complete bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need your help on getting them to cover the issue. I am not spending $4,000 + to fix some flawed design issue that BMW can't seem to find a fix for.

My issue is that you spend $60,000 + extended warranty on a vehicle that is a diesel which should last longer than a gas version and I am having serious problems at just over 60k miles. Shit the engine is barley even broken in!

I am so mad to the point where I am considering selling the car right after I fix it and turning my back on BMW forever!!!!!!! It is one thing if this issue is an easy fix and due to my own bad driving habits but in this day and age to have a car that has serious issues before 100K miles is a bad product in my opinion.

Sorry for the long rant for I needed to vent and make sure I am not loosing my mind.