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Originally Posted by m-technik View Post
Wondering the same thing....Was looking to trade in my loaded 07 335 e92 coupe with 40,000kms on it (mint condition, not hits) for an 08 M-coupe. The guy basically told me my car was not worth much anymore and gave me a trade in value of only $17,000. When i told him that was clearly unreasonable, he shook my hand and said "well then good luck selling it privately", and walked away..i drive past the dealership (autowest bmw in richmond bc) at least once a week and Ive noticed they've had the same inventory on their lot for a long time now, so I'm not sure where the smug attitude is coming from....
Went to check out their Silverstone E92 M3 couple months ago and they were not willing to deal. Guess too much people pay full pop in that area so they think they can gross every out?

Also, had a terrible experience at the pre-owned department at BMW Autohaus last weekend with a friend.