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Originally Posted by Bimmer Loyalist View Post
Pompous? How so?
its a built-from-scratch drag car that is (potentially) fast as fuck and has an m3 csl body, yet somehow, a bunch of stock 3 series drivers for some reason think theyre tastes are too dignified to be interested in it because its so "un-BMW". People are so antagonistic and nit-picky on this board its ridiculous. Few people here are genuinely into things automotive and are just douchey badge whores that think theyre King Dinagling because they drive, ZOMG!!!1..a bmw, and are more concerned with what compensation they should demand from their dealer for not including free floormats.

The paint is a supposedly a 1973 csl color - very bmwish. The rear wing isnt a damn ricer accessory, its functional - its not about being "tasteful". I guess the roll cage isnt shaped the way you would prefer either?

Im with you, Im not into nascar either (although this isnt a stock car), but I can still look at things like this and say "hm, never seen anything like that before, thats pretty cool".

But thats just me, im just into shit that runs on flammable liquid and has tires and a steering wheel.

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