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Sorry to hear about that, man. Have you spoken to BMW USA about getting this covered on good will? I would probably be well into the process of raising hell if I had gone that long without my vehicle. Between the never ending reprograms and the various recalls, it should be pretty easy to place blame on design flaw.

Out of curiosity, have you ever gone through your tickets to verify that they changed your fuel filter every second oil change? I caught the dealer skipping it on mine (and the engine air filter). I was noticing less power (nothing severe but somewhat noticeable) and a 5-10% reduction in mpg when I brought it to them. Seems to be back in action now (although ice only had it back for 3 days). Hopefully I caught it before it caused any issues (I was changing my air filters anyway, but not the fuel filter). Dirty fuel filters can definitely cause injector issues (especially since ours have some sort of water drying but no way to drain it off. Thus, they must have some limit of liquid which they can store.

Good luck!

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