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Question Wastegate rattle issue... any ideas?

Hi guys

Another post i guess about WG rattle issue. Before i explain, I'm not entirely sure its 100% the waste gates, the car is stock, running perfectly fine, and my boost (for what it feels like) is fantastically strong and is pulling very well.

However on startup (normally cold) it will rattle for maybe 1 second, in cursing, downshifting, changing gear and stopping etc there isn't any rattle, but turning off the engine when i park up, there it is for 1 second also.

Ill post up a video tomorrow of it so you guys can get a better idea, i have no low boost codes etc so its not bad enough to worry at the moment, however i would like to diagnose it so if it becomes more problematic I know what to start fixing etc.

I read a post about Procede having some wastegate user adjustable positioning feature? Does anyone have any idea or more info on this and does it work?

"To adjust base wastegate position, you will adjust the Wastegate Position user adjustable. The default value is 90%. If your car has wastegate rattle during idle, light cruise and decceleration conditions, try reducing this value. Reducing this value, will move the wastegates more open during these conditions. At the mimimum value of 30%, wastegates will be fully open. Try to keep this value as high as possible in order to maximize initial tip-in boost response. If your car has no wastegate rattle, you can simply leave the default value of 90% unchanged."

Copied from vishnu's forum admin.

thanks guys