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Dude, I just purchased an M3 tri-stitched steering wheel because im going to get a 6spd conversion next month. ITS AMAZING. oem paddle steering wheel sucks /facepalm WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Now I can drift around roundabouts without getting annoyed with the pointless paddle shifters lol

At first I got lost between this:
2012 mtech sport steering wheel perforated/ w/o tristitchings /w paddles

and this:
M3 tristitched steering wheel w/o paddles

And since I was going to make my car 6spd soon, getting a steering wheel with paddles was pointless. And paddles annoyed the hell out of me.
And the tri-stichings... are SO APPEALING. The napa leather is amazing too.
So I went with the tri stitched m3 tri stitched leather steering wheel

After I wrapped my trims in silver CF

Get the wheel man, Its something you experience each time you drive the car.. The lights are cool, but steering wheel > lights.

Too much mods to list..