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Here goes the longest run on sentence ever:
Just in case I didn't mention it before, the stripped E36 M3 with full JRZ suspension and reinforcements along with all bushings and a cage with a brand new racing seat and harness including rebuilt calipers for race-worthiness and an LSD with higher final drive and all of the suspension bits new and ARC-8s with your choice of R-comps and more is less than 20,000.

X-brace, baffled oil pan, ECIS intake, big injectors, MAF sensor with software along with Dinan exhaust too.

It'll never be crazy fast in a straight line but it does everything right. If I pay $6000 for a new stroked motor with LTW flywheel I all of a sudden have 335 speed and I never need to touch my daily driver, an F30 328.

This just made sense to me although a C5 Vette dedicated track is awesome and way faster.