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Not the 2013 versio

Originally Posted by adriang View Post
Just want everyone to know I just tried the below route and worked well in an 2009 e70 BMW x5 35d

Step 1. Download utorrent

STEP 2: Navigate to the below links and download the two files. It should open in utorrent. (Originally from luke)
Region 1 with red light cams and speed traps


Region 2 with red light cams and speed traps

Once completed it will say "seeding". You can leave it like this for a few days (however if you have cheap internet, this is not the best option, right click and select stop...)

Step 3 Download FREE ISO BURNER and run it.

Now, under ISO file, navigate to where the .iso file saved (most likely in c:/Users/<pcname>/Downloads) and click "BMW_CCC_Nav_2013_Region1_Cams.iso" AND "BMW_CCC_Nav_2013_Region2_Cams.iso". Each one requires a seperate DVD. I used memorex DVD -R 4.7 GB bought from walmart.

Under Drive, find your DVD burner.

Don't change anything else and click burn. Within a few minutes you will have burned both DVD's.

(I've Currently tried Region 1. It works but a bit slower than the older model nav maps. Will try region 2 in a few minutes)

EDIT: I have tried Region 2 as well. Works like a champ. The speed traps and cameras option is neat as well!

I'm not sure if anyone looked at the contents of the ISO other than me.

First, the dates on the subdirectories are dated May, 2012
Second, the file CDROM.TOC has the following:

olume: CD_7865
Date: 22.5.2012
db: NA(2011Q3)
Area: North America
Subarea: West
Supplier: Teleatlas
Version: 505.
Customer Version: 2013

Thus, my interpretation of this is that the information contained is quote old (2011 Third Quarter) but it has been repackaged by Teleatlas as 2013. Is this just an old product in a new box that they want to get $199 under the guise that this is "new and improved"?