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Originally Posted by FormerRotor View Post
I'm liking the front diffuser, boss. I don't think I've seen you rocking that one yet either. The ride is looking pretty well put together. Nice flow with the various cf and gloss black bits.

I've always thought (looks-wise) m3>m-sport>performance>standard, but that m3 conversion is quite the undertaking. I keep dropping hints to my lovely wife, but she hasn't taken me up on it yet. A least for now she's letting me get the little bits out of the way (wheels, reflectors, rear diffuser, interior trim, etc). I think the next major expense for me would be LSD and a few m3 bits,, but who knows...she really likes my carbon fiber roof idea.

Chris do you Think you're about wrapped up on the exterior for now or is there more to come? It's looking like a pretty clean finished product in these pics, but I know we're almost never done. I could see you biting on some LMs given your previous comments.
Carbon fiber roof! If you're talking about cutting off your roof and replacing it with CF, talk about an undertaking! They do make diret bolt-on M3 front and rear bumpers for the e90. I believe Modmy3 sells them and a couple of other vendors.

Exterior-wise I tihnk I am done - perhaps some new wheels in the distant future - hmm LM's... But I really do LUV the look of the deep concave CSL's though. I would like to get M3 mirrors, but they're so damn expensive for two little mirrors. There are some replica mirrors out there but they do not have elec fold or have power mirrors - not to mention I am not sure on the fitment. Maybe I will just wrap my mirrors black in the interim.

I have some other wish-list things that I plan to knock out in the next 30 to 60 days, which should do me for a while.

I am going to climb in bed now and read my new Roundel then hit the hay. It's my first day back to work tomorrow since Christmas - I am going to be hurt'n.