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Question 325i vs 330i? Run flat tires - Mileage?

I am looking to get a new 325i with Premium package + Heated Seats. I live in Chicago and my concern is whether it will handle well during the winter months? I have an AWD Honda right now and have never driven a RWD before.

How much do the snow tires cost for the 325i? Is it worth to get the 325xi for the extra $2000? Any idea when the 325xi is coming out?

I have heard that Run Flat tires need to be replaced if you get a flat tire even once, is this true? If it is, How much does a run flat tire cost? I might as well put on regular tires on the car if it is too expensive.

Mileage - All the owners of the new 325i / 330i what is the average mileage you are getting on the cars? I know it is rated for 21 - 29 but just curious what you are averaging for daily usage.

Break In - What is the recommended break-in mileage for the new cars?

Hope you guys can give me answers to my questions - I am a newbie to these forums and was looking at the g35x until I test drove the 325i over the weekend and was completely sold on it.

Please don't be harsh if I have asked basic questions.

Thanks in advance