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Originally Posted by .fLip. View Post
i had this issue with my aux port (dont have the usb)

i read some suggested to remove the rear vents (it just clips off) but when i did i couldnt access it.

but i was able to pull the console from the side where it meets teh carpet and was able to access the port that way. honestly i wasnt able to get the port to be as secure as it was b4 it fell but since i just keep my aux cable plugged in. it causes no problems. hopefully u have better luck
Thanks for the reply - yeah man this is a B---tch - no wonder the dealer wanted 200+ to do this... so I finally got the back trim off where the air vents were located, was able to pull out the inter air duct a little - enough to get my fat finger in there and peal the skin away (sorry for the bad picture there) - was able to push it back up enough to plug in the USB and AUX cable - man... that is a pain. the little clips on the side don't seem to do a thing - there is a little ledge of plastic that would work perfect if it had even the lightest bit of strength to keep something from pushing down - its almost like there should be a rod from the floor going up to hold that ledge up under pressure. anyway, the only way to do this "RIGHT" is to take off the entire arm rest - unplug that module - pull the wires through the hole in the arm rest - plug it up, and push it back down (this is after you have modified the bottom to resist pressure. But on a side note - you know you should see if there is a big white connector down at the bottom just hanging there - that is the USB connector - it looked like the two cables were bound together - I wouldn't put it past BMW to just throw that cable as one - instead of building out different cables - I'm sure on the line- one guy does the wires, while another does the modules per order- but why run more cables? of course I could be wrong - and that is ok... but its worth a look in there to see...

anyway, I'll probably still have to take it to the dealer - hopefully my aftermarket warranty will cover this - its a costco warranty and says it covers everything electronic - we shall see...