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Originally Posted by BAL278 View Post
Jb4/procede/cobb you won't be disappointed with either! And you can set them all to stock so the Mrs won't notice lol

I did the walnut shell blasting at around 68k miles.. I did not have that much carbon buildup (it's really only an issue if you idle the car a lot). I definitely recommend it for smooth idle and smooth acceleration
Yes - the secret is to order and have it shipped to work. What I really like is that, from what I've researched, it's undetectable. My only concern is a drop in gas mileage. I know I'm not driving a Prius, but I don't drive a Hummer either. I passed up on a mint condition 03 M5 w/ 45K miles because the gas mileage wasn't any better than the Pathfinder I was driving (that's how I convinced the wife to let me get the 335).

The problem with the walnut blasting is that I really don't know what the intake valves look like - meaning would I just be throwing money out the window. I have no idea how the previous owner drove the car, so it's really just a gamble. I plan on taking advantage of a group buy at a local dealership.

I see you're from Northern NJ - I lived in Hackensack for 3 years before moving down to NC back in 2005. My wife is from Ridgefield Park and my brother currently lives in Teaneck. I had my Prelude all over the back roads around the Franklin Lakes.