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Hong Kong road quality

I'm curious as to how HK's road quality is compared to elsewhere in the West and in China. I'm sure all HK roads met certain safety requirements, but the quality of certain HK roads leave much to be desired (as in their surfacing and paving). The highways like Tolo/Fanling or North Lantau are fine, but some urban roads are really not that great from my experience. Is it because since all the electrical power cables and water pipes are built under the road, so they need to be constantly digged up and repaved? Even so, that would usually mean HK roads are of better quality. But that is not the case in reality. Certains roads are really lumpy and I do wonder how much extra wear and tear that causes to the suspension.

Heck, even some newer roads on the mainland are of better quality. I remember in Canada, the roads are notorious for their potholes, but otherwise they are superior to HK (non-highway) roads in terms of their smoothness. Why is that the case?