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Originally Posted by rogerxp View Post
That looks just like Marlie's Dads garage (some tasty motors in there too ).

Scott, that X6 looks stunning, I really like the X6, always surprises me quite how big they are but would love one. Great colour & spec too.

Those camera's are very similar to the ones in the QQ. Ours have a front camera too which is good for tucking up nose-first into a space - does yours have that too?? The oddest moment is when there is a water droplet on the camera (under the wing-mirror) as the image ripples - screws with your head .
Thanks Roger, it is really big and can be quite scary when it's a tight space

I didn't add the surround camera's although I am now thinking it would have been a good idea. Saying that the front is the easy part it's the rear, you cannot see anything out of the rear window so the camera is essential.

Sparky, I know the X6 divides opinion and I am cool with that. I was expecting quite a few people to say they didn't like it