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My car is tuned for power delivery across the range, not just the biggest number possible. It's also been dyno'd on a very reputable RR.

I have 346bhp.

I have every faith that on the same RR, and just with a normal remap (Rather than say, turning the boost up to 11 - so to speak) - I could get 355 or so from the car.

Why do I not then?

Simple. As per Ian: I don't want to kill the gearbox or clutch by pushing more than 500 torques ( I asked my mapper to get as much as he could whilst not exceeding this limit) through the drivetrain.

So. What's a DPF mod worth?

I've often heard the 15 horses claim also, IF the car is mapped for it after the event.

So what I'm saying is, I could reasonably expect perhaps 370 from a 335d if the owner did the DPF delete and didn't give a shit about the gearbox exploding.

Of course. The cynical side of me - might suggest that on a roller that puts a standard mapped but otherwise unmodified car at 370 off already: 390 is very "achievable".

Meaning - it's a scale of bullshit beyond the existing scale bullshit as the owner has had some work done and the garage roading the car want to "show how good it is".

I've never seen a 335d roller above 375, and that was with the DPF delete, EGR bypass, a remap where the owner said "I don't care if it breaks" and a caution to the wind approach.

My car won fastest diesel at Santa pod in September against 3 other 335ds, both mapped by Evolve. Without naming names: One of them on the day ran against me 8 times. The score was 8-0 to my car. And yet, according to the "rolling road" (I use the term loosely) at the pod: That car had some 370bhp. So how did a car with 24 horses more get smoked 8 times in a row? I'll tell you how. It had the same, or slightly lower power than mine: And that RR merchant was free and easy with the bullshit. The driver of the other car wasn't a bad one. How did it happen? was the car roaded in 3rd or 4th to get that number? I bet 4th. Or else he's pissed about with load indexes or temp sensors. Who knows. All I know is, facts speak stronger than imaginary numbers in that case.

But what makes me take the whole thread with a pinch of salt and in short simply not take any of it seriously is the claim of 60mpg from a standard 335d at 80-90mph. Prepare for itemised insults:

1. That's double what it will get at that speeds. I recently did 160 miles at approx an 80mph average in Germany and returned 36.

2. You're advocating speeding in a thread where you're trying to sell the car. Are you insane? Which would I buy: The one that's ragged day in day out or the next one that comes along.

3. Forgetting about the quality of the car: Might the police not be interested in where you carried out the test of 90mph returning 60mpg?

4. If, as seems obvious: You've actually chatted a whole bunch of bollocks from beginning to end of the for sale ad, who knows what else is out? Maybe the mpg is out because you've clocked the car back? Who knows.

5. Who do you think you are trying to kid? Post this on a forum not full of owners of the same car by all means, they might fall for it. Sheesh.

I think that's all I have. Sorry I'm late to the party.

Oh, and Andy. Chill out dude!

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