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Originally Posted by Dino355 View Post
Bargain Idnan!

I remember just missing out on these when they came up for sale.

Didn't realise you can't use with the M3 arms.

GLWTS shouldn't hang about for long I'm sure.
Cheers pal, I bought them within a few minutes and was hoping to sell them just as quick . These fit with the front m3 arms, but not the rears

Originally Posted by RagingKileak View Post
What's the drop on the Birds stuff by the way?

I've got a front mounted CAI (down by the nearside arch liner) and I seem to recall Marcel mentioned that when fitted with the same kit (Stett) and the Birds suspension, he found that the CAI cone was pretty badly smashed by the wheel hitting it due to how low the car rides.

FYI the arch liner has to be removed or heavily modified to fit the CAI cone down there. Mine is modified and the liner does catch the wheel on near full lock with standard suspension, so it does seem likely I will get rubbing if I did lower the car much.

I noticed a drop of about 10-15mm when I fitted the Birds setup but I never experienced any issues of scraping over bumps or catching of the front bumper. Which CAI have you got?

Here's the only (rather poor) pic I have of the suspension fitted:

And this picture was taken on the 26th of May when I started rebuilding my car after snapping the prop, so it was fitted just after that: