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Originally Posted by Dan-danGT View Post
I honestly don't know what ZF can do, I only know a friend who works for them. I can ask if they can test a gearbox for you? But I don't know if it will be a test on a bench or a strip and check it out.
I think I got in touch with someone from nottingham when I was having troubles and they refused to deal with me because they dealt with the commercial stuff .. lorries and such like .. but I could be wrong , I called a lot of places !

All i'm interested in is the box to go on a rig to run it up and see if oil pressures are ok and gears change. Obviously something like that wouldn't come free but would be cheaper than stripping it down which for me would be prohibitively expensive.

I did have trouble with this box but am not 100% convinced that the box is goosed, I think there was an electrical issue elsewhere that caused funny bumps and thuds to happen.

If you could tap your contact up and see what he has to say , i'd appreciated it