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Late happy new year to you all...

Hey chaps...
Hope you all had an amazing Xmas and a good new year so far? Not been about much lately, just been mega busy with work and personal stuff.

Some of you might remember I got rid of the 330d and got a tree hugger car a few months back (1.8 Prius) to help cut costs etc. Well enough is enough, it was kinda doing my head in, so new year and new car

You only live once so I went out and bought a brand new car and got an amazing deal on it, way to good to pass up. It's not a Beemer, I'm staying with a smaller car for now but it's a corker and I'm totally smitten with it. Collect it from Seat on Friday, so until then I'll keep schtum about model details and post pics up over next weekend.

Just happy to be back in a normal sporty car again.

So have I missed much since being away?