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Originally Posted by critical05 View Post
So I tackled readjusting the rear koni shocks this morning at 14 degrees outside in a non heated garage. Removing the trunk lining the second time around took me less than 15 min so its not worth cutting the liner to make an access hole. One could take the large rubber cover on top of the shock, under the liner, and cut the liner to fit the existing cover.

I did NOT have to remove the shock from the car to adjust it. I removed the wheel, with the top shock nut removed, compressed the rod, and with my torx screwdriver turned the rod all within the wheelwell. Best part is that i didn't have to get under the car. Its now set to 0.5 from full soft. Overall it took just a tad over an hour.

Did notice some minor crevis corrosion on top of the shock body already.

Plan to replace the front bumpstops next weekend.
That is pretty clever. Did you take the bumpstop and dust boot off before you adjusted it? I tried to do that (adjust the rear) with the bumpstop and boot on before I installed them, and couldn't compress it all the way down to the detent even outside of the car.

Any feedback on the pothole problem?