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Originally Posted by 1QuikWS6
Did the dealer tell you (or print out on the Service Receipt) that they did any computer upgrades?

Because if they did, that will erase any individual coding that you have done, and replace them all with the defaults that came on the car - you will need to recode all the individual items

I don't know why they would have done an ECU software upgrade for what you had done, unless it was recommended for some other reason as a routine service item, but if your car is not under warranty - you would have paid for it.

Plus, if that happened, it would have deleted ALL of the individual coding you had done, not just certain items...

Simply disconnecting the battery for any reason will not delete any individual coding.

I strictly told my dealer that I want NO ECU updates done on my car unless they ask me 1st and it's entirely necessary (which at this point I'm sure there aren't any).
They didn't tell me anything about an ECU update but ill check the service receipt.. Another thing I noticed is that I had my doors set to both unlock when I pressed the unlock button once and when I got the car back it only unlocked drivers side so I had to reprogram it through the dash. Does that have anything to do with this?