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Originally Posted by jordanE92 View Post
I've quit on and off several times. I'm 25, smoked 1.5-2 packs daily and tried zyban without success. I found that I couldn't drink alcohol. 1-3 bottles of beer and I'd be craving nicotine like crazy, it just magnifies that itch.

Also, be careful with ecigs or smokeless forms of tobacco. You aren't smoking, but are taking in nicotine, so the addiction won't be defeated until you actually go long enough without anything. If you really need gum/inhaler type forms of nicotine to soften the transition, thats fine, but it will make the entire process longer. The blu cigarettes and such are a healthier option, but you still crave nicotine all the time and they're too direct of a nicotine delivery form imo (think crack compared to cocaine). Once you go long enough without ANY nicotine you won't miss it, but in the mean time while you break some of the worst associated habits, I'd stick to something that gives nicotine slower like gum or a lozenge.

Nicorette mini lozenges work well and don't take too long to dissolve, about 10 minutes compared to 30 it takes for regular lozenges or gum. Hang in there! It does get better, and believe it or not, there will be a day when you don't think about it.
Oh well it was difficult on friday after the beer something was not right my friend was smoking I was going out with him which even helped me. Next day I had again some beer but it was much easier.
All I can say every day it feels better and easier now it is one week with out any e cigs or other stuff and it is good I feel good.
I hope I will stay like that or even better.
Thanks to everybody for your support... And good luck to others...