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Originally Posted by Bamaben View Post
I'm not mixing them. I guess my determining factor is if I have enough tread on the fronts to get another set of rears. I'm measuring about 3/32 on the shoulder treads and 6/32nds in the center. I'm thinking they started with 8/32 in center but not sure what shoulder treads started with. Can you tell me ? I want to say shoulder treads , since they are lower(not block treads ) were about 4-5/32 new
Don't know about the shoulder tread depth, but I believe you started with 10/32" center, which means they are 1/2 worn if you take them down to the wear bars, but 2/3 worn if you replace at 4/32".

My choice (128i) was $700 for two OEM Goodyear RFTs or $600 for 4 Conti DWS. As the DWS A/S handled as well as the OEM summer touring RFTs, I went with the DWS. But since you are sticking to summer performance, it sounds like you have a toss-up with the real issue being whether you want to switch to the PSS now or later.