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I love your 330i, but I'm a bit partial. But I've loved the mods you've done to it. Extremely tasteful. If there's not much to do to the exterior, head to the interior. New seats? Trim? Gadgetry? I dunno, for me I think there's a lot of detail mods that can be done.

Now I sold my 2008 E92 335i to get the '06 330i. I thought I was giong to miss the power as well. I don' ALL. The 330i just feels different to me and I enjoy it. Now having owned an '05 supercharged AW/Cinn E46 M3, I can say that neither the 335i or 330i even come close to that car. The E46 was in a different league and I miss it more than any car I've owned. I want the 4 doors, otherwise I'd consider going back to an E46 M3.

the 330 is an excellent car I wouldn't give up on it quite yet.