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Drives: 2006 E91 325xi 6 speed wagon
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Hello all,
First time post, long time lurking.
I have an 06 325xi Wagon with 6 speed that I love.
I just put new Bilsteins on this weekend. Took me about 7 hours.
I used my stock springs because I don't want the car slammed down. The roads in the NYC area suck. I have already busted 2 rims.
Anyway, the front of my car sits higher and I am assuming that the shocks need time to settle. I made sure that the front shock was fully seated in the carrier, it is much shorter than the stock shock I took out.
The car feels tighter than the stock set up, you do feel all of the road imperfections but they aren't as bad as some race cars I have been in with poly bushings.
If any one needs a pair of stock rear shocks for a wagon that are only 3 months old, let me know. I will sell them for 100/pair.