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Nice M3!

Originally Posted by badass335 View Post
Welcome! What are your thoughts between the Audi, 335 and the m3? My bro-in-law and I always have that Audi vs BMW debate. He loves Audi. I have a 335 but have pretty much all the m3 upgrades and then some.
I will chime in on this one. I've owned several Audis, driven virtually everything they make short of an R8 (need to fix that) and have spent a good amount of time behind the wheel of a few BMWs lately too, thanks to the OP's obsession with them.

The Audi/BMW debate will never settle because they are so different. BMW's performance personality vs. Audi's stability and luxury. Both brands do everything pretty well, but BMW is distinctly better at performance and Audi is distinctly better when it comes to interiors and driveability.

If you want or prefer AWD for any reason, Audi wins hands down. There is no comparing an X-Drive vehicle to Quattro. There is no better blend of all weather performance and luxury in the market.

If performance is your thing, BMW wins hands down. RWD and weight balance beats nose-heavy quattro every single time when the rubber hits the road. I love the grip and stability of my S4, and you can really push that car, but compared to an M3 of similar stature, the M3 is definitely more exhilerating to drive.

As for the comparison of the 335 to the M3, it really comes down to the differences in the engines and the added bennies of the M3. The TTI6 in the 335 is an AWESOME engine. Loved everything about it. Great torque through every range, great sound, fun to drive. But the V8 in the M3 and all the other features you can get, including EDC, just make it a whole nother animal. I've barely figured it out at all, but just a few spins in it and I can tell it's one of the best drivers cars that there is. In summary, the 335 is nice, but the M3? Damn.

Back to Audi vs. BMW. We recently drove an S5 and and M3 in back-to-back test drives. Price-wise, the two cars are fairly similar. That's about all they have in common though. The S5 is a grand tourer...quick, but not abrupt. Smooth and powerful. Extremely comfortable and well put together. A gentleman's car. Almost a little boring unless you're pushing it to the limit.

The M3 is a dual-personality beast. A little Jeckyl/Hyde. Truly a lamb when you baby it, but a monster when you unleash it. I wish the 4.0 was a bit torquier but that's the nature of the S65. Even with it's high-strung nature, it's a blast to drive hard.

So in summary, I think they are apples/oranges. I happen to love them both, and feel pretty lucky I get to enjoy both brands.