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Originally Posted by Newmember343
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Yeah, that is true too. So if you guys really want better audio from your iPhone/iPod, consider an LOD. It's a cable with a 30 pin connector and 3.5mm. It bypasses the amp in the iPhone/iPod and plays the music through the DAC, and that gives you a better signal. But if you don't have at least 320kbps or lossless files, don't bother.
Do they have LOD cables for iphone 5 out yet?

I googled it and it seems like they havent made them yet?
Nope, not yet. Only the older devices that use the 30 pin connector but I'm sure there will be one for the iPhone 5 sooner or later. But keep in mind that they are extremely short because 99% of the people who use it connect it to an amp for a portable setup.