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Originally Posted by AndreyT
Originally Posted by straightcashhomie View Post
which specific hood cover did you get?
I just got a piece of blue plastic tarp from a local hardware store, sized to cover the entire hood while tucked under the windshield wipers.

I heard that tarp works rather well in this application, since cats don't like "noisy" materials, i.e. materials that make rustling or cracking sounds. Also, tarp is not a very inviting material to crawl under. Nevertheless, I have seen some cats to sit on the tarp on my car's hood.

I would gladly buy a dedicated hood cover made of softer material, but I don't see anyone selling anything like that. All my attempts to search for such a product on the net let either to those black frontal anti-chip bras or to transparent permanent protective films.

BTW, does anyone have any experience with transparent protective films and cats? I once read a horror story on the net claiming that non-groomed cats easily ruin such protective films with their claws as they attempt to climb onto the hood.
I'm sure with a clear bra, the result you'd get from a cat clawing on it would look like someone's bumper screws ripping the clear bra. I guess it'll protect wherever you clear bra but then you'd have to replace the clear bra cause that rip would be an eye sore.