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Originally Posted by andybui82 View Post
ahh my old e90 twin on IG hahaha
Haha yeah! Do you still have your e90??

Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
Such a cool shoot. SGM FTW!
Thank you! I'll return to it when I get my first DSLR in a few weeks

Originally Posted by Alen E90 View Post
very nice whip..btw i love the CF splitters
Thanks, they really do add a lot to the mtech front.

Originally Posted by AshbyJ View Post
Next shot should be at the Castello di Amorosa, my favorite spot in the Napa Valley Area.

Keep the 330, but if you do trade, the E46 M3 is a must have!
That's a fantastic idea. I'll be heading there next month anyway, and I should have my DSLR by then.

Originally Posted by e92_euro View Post
Lovin the LM's!
Thanks, me too! Sometimes I tell myself I'm ready for new wheels, but then I look at them and it's like

Originally Posted by Eugeinus View Post
nice car, love the pics!
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Duck360198 View Post
I love your 330i, but I'm a bit partial. But I've loved the mods you've done to it. Extremely tasteful. If there's not much to do to the exterior, head to the interior. New seats? Trim? Gadgetry? I dunno, for me I think there's a lot of detail mods that can be done.

Now I sold my 2008 E92 335i to get the '06 330i. I thought I was giong to miss the power as well. I don' ALL. The 330i just feels different to me and I enjoy it. Now having owned an '05 supercharged AW/Cinn E46 M3, I can say that neither the 335i or 330i even come close to that car. The E46 was in a different league and I miss it more than any car I've owned. I want the 4 doors, otherwise I'd consider going back to an E46 M3.

the 330 is an excellent car I wouldn't give up on it quite yet.
Thank you, I appreciate the kind words
I've already wrapped my trim, so I'm happy with that aspect. Maybe I'll upgrade the steering wheel though.
And thanks for the advice, I really do love my 330, it would be difficult to give up.

Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
oh my goodness! ur e90 is jus perfect as can b. also, sweet location

2 answer ur question: keep moddin
haha thanks man, I appreciate it

Originally Posted by remmib View Post
Very nice e90.
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