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Originally Posted by JDane07 View Post
Haha yeah! Do you still have your e90??

Thank you! I'll return to it when I get my first DLSR in a few weeks

Thanks, they really do add a lot to the mtech front.

That's a fantastic idea. I'll be heading there next month anyway, and I should have my DLSR by then.

Thanks, me too! Sometimes I tell myself I'm ready for new wheels, but then I look at them and it's like

Thank you!

Thank you, I appreciate the kind words
I've already wrapped my trim, so I'm happy with that aspect. Maybe I'll upgrade the steering wheel though.
And thanks for the advice, I really do love my 330, it would be difficult to give up.

haha thanks man, I appreciate it


nope. over at the 1addicts side now. check out my car! jmeas shot it
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