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Originally Posted by baege View Post
cheers on the info, makes me wonder if I can do almost as good a job by lying on my side at the coin up (dirty job though)
You don't lie on your side, you crouch down and then move the nozzle slowly across. With some practice, I'm able to do it without even touching the ground now (sort of like shooting underneath cover with a rifle?) Shooting it at an angle works better to get rid of salt grime because if you shoot at it directly, all it does is drive the grime into the paint as opposed to off the paint. Also, one reason why I wash after I drive all the time is that I spray it off while it's still wet (which makes it easier than when it dries onto the paint - sort of like washing a dish when the sauce on it is still fresh than when it's been sitting in the sink and the sauce dries to the dish).