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Like M3RD above, many auto's in past. Recently mostly luxury sedans or SUV's but favorites have been 2010 Porsche Cayenne (yes, a SUV), '04 BMW M3, '12 BMW M3, '87 Buick Grand National, '70 Olds 442, a couple of Jags & long time ago a bunch of 3-liter Healey's & a '70 Alfa Spyder. The 442 & GN are true hot rods; the Jags were beautifull nightmares; Luv the Porsche; Love the M3's but on the '04 the trans went out months after the warranty expired, & the 8k mile '12 M3 is in shop today for differential binding & noise with rear tires completly worn out! Love 'em all, but cheaper to not have owned any.