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Dension Gateway 500 trouble after service

I have a Dension GW500 fitted to my 2006 E90 with Prof I-Drive.

I fitted it using the CDC prep wires and had it coded to the car by a specialist using Autologic.

I needed to get the car serviced and followed the instructions to switch the GW to "hide" it so any diagnostics did not find it.

Once switched I could not be found through I-Drive as I expected.

I got the car back and switched the GW back to "show" mode.

Now when I select the GW through I-Drive it shows no Ipod, No USB and No something else (I forget)
This is despite having a fully charged Ipod connected.

Any ideas????

I really don't want to have to pay to have the GW coded to the car again.

All help appreciated!