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Servicing Q

This has been an age old question question of main dealer vs independant where to get your car serviced. I am at the crossroads of which route to go down and just wanted to get views of fellow members

My car is a 2008 and is on 112k miles and has had full BMW SH. I tend to change my oil/filers every 10k or yearly whichever comes first. In my SH the last log was at 78k miles about year and half ago where it had a major 3rd oil service done (oil/oil filter/air/microfilters)

I have BMW extended warranty on mine and terms now state I can get my car serviced by a VAT reg garage who uses genuine parts.

I rang my dealer that I use and quoted me 381.65 for 3rd oil service (oil/oil filter/fuel/air/microfilters)

My vehicle check is also due which is additinal 97.75 so in total 479.74

Now I have priced genuine parts up and not sure how much my local independant would charge (need to give him a ring tommorow)

Oil Filter 16.94 inc VAT
Fuel Filter 39.16 inc VAT
Air Filter 46.66 inc VAT
Micro Filter 36.90 inc VAT
Oil 5w 30 (60 inc VAT)

Total for parts only - 199.66
Vehicle check - not sure how much my indi would charge
Labour? - again not sure

. I am pretty sure of my independant compentacy as I have used him before

So which route would you go for?