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Getting Coilovers: What bushings should I replace?

My plan is to get coilovers soon. My mod wishlist is here: (Link)

I want to get M3 suspension parts up front and back. So when I get to coilovers, what other bushings should I replace?

1.) Front Strut Mounts:
This is a non-sport car with 70K miles. I think this is a must. But I can go with regular oem, zsp or do M3 ones fit? If so are they worth it?
Their front strut mount said to be different than stock. When I search that part number, it seems like thats the bushing from a X5/X6. Can I just buy the corresponding front bushings under that part number? Anyone has any experience with them?

2.) Rear shock/strut mounts:
Do rears wear out that quickly?