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Originally Posted by Gatriel
Originally Posted by Wajhik View Post
Enthusiest love the Deisels, because they make sense...but noone really asks for them except for people who have owned deisels in the past. BMW along with other german makers have strayed away for years and I belive will release these cars very cautiosly and in low numbers, just like the wagon. The American market is an illogical behaving market because its filled with stupid Americans who think wagons are lame and deisels are loud and stupid.
A very credited response. The average American car consumer has their head shoved so far up their ass it is truly unbelievable.
Meh. Americans have never had a reason to consider diesels in the past due to our low gas prices. It's a luxury to have a gasoline engine in Europe or a car at all for that matter. If diesels are for "real" enthusiasts why isn't there a 911 turbo diesel or a 458 diesel. I have driven a 335d and I think it's great but not better than the gas engine of a 335i. Why is your profile pic of Jeremy Piven? Maybe it's your head up your own ass.