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Originally Posted by Randomaccess335 View Post
about a year ago i noticed oil around my housing, dealer replaced it under CPO. 2 months ago gasket went again but no visible leaks..... coolant was passing through to the engine burning off and causing a very annoying vapor/exhaust trail. i was getting low coolant light about once a week and had to fill up over flow tank each time....... dealer fixed that also under CPO. And now its gone again vapor/exhaust trail and low coolant.

CPO expired after last gasket fix
1.will dealer fix even know my cpo is expired and it being the same problem? just easier to do it myself?
3.if so...... does the intake need to be removed to get the oil filter housing off.

maybe its not the gasket and theres a crack somewhere
thanks for any input
If it was faulty work the dealer should repair it under warranty. Just ask and be nice. Not a hard job to DIY, though. Intake does need to come off in most cases, but others have been able to simply loosen and move the intake to access the last bolt.