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Originally Posted by amr_e90 View Post
alright been dealing with this issue for a little bit its a 07 335xi fbo cars lowered on h/r blah blah .... Ohh and 6mt , when leaving from a stop as the cars in gear and I apply throttle bringing the rpms up and giving load too the engine it feels like my whole drivetrain kicks and kicks and I see my shifter jerking back and forth like its having a spaz attack it continues too do it up until around 4300 rpm when the car needs less load to move . I have appsolute no misefires or carbon build up since I just serviced and cleaned everything . I pulled the fuse to disable the xdrive and the problems gone . my transfercase is not throwing and codes out and my driving is perfect my clutch grabs strong . this is has to be a driveline problem. I put the car on a lift and had someone inspect while I went threw the gears trying to replicate the issue and he saw the passenger side engine mount jerk up as if Thers no middle bolt strapping it too the subframe my axles seem fine little back and forth playment but that's normal . any input would be highly appreciated its driving me nuts

I experienced similar issues when my T-case went bad.. approx 5 miles of bucking when taking off from a stop or at low RPM (no visual errors on dash). Pulled over at a gas station, restarted the car and got the infamous 4X4/ no traction control/TPMS warning light.