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Originally Posted by gunsekun View Post
just save some money for a mtech bumper... you can sell the stock bumper for 200-300$
Originally Posted by Malibu1 View Post
Looks like someone kissed your bumper while pulling into a parking spot next to yours. Is it paint left on your car or is paint missing? Not sure if BMW primer is that color?
Originally Posted by blaster3500 View Post
Ouch. Almost looks like it has been repaired before.
Originally Posted by roadkillrob View Post
maybe just the lighting, but there should be no layers of pink in the OEM paint system on a blue car, if you really see pink under there, that would indicate a previous repair and that would be why the paint may have come off.

Also - if you want to admire your beautiful paint, stop going to the car wash as they make your paint much less beautiful!
Hand washing a car in Canada during Winter is quite.... cold. lol. Hand wash > Auto wash; always.

Originally Posted by osteopathXI View Post

touchless car washes FTW
Originally Posted by Karbon View Post
Honestly it looks like the car wash took a chunk out of your car.

Was it an automated wash or a hand wash?

If it's automated then there's the reason.
I would absolutely never take my car to an automated wash. Those things scrape and scratch and chip your paint all the time.

Ergh.. I don't even know. Carproof/Carfax has only showed me an estimate of approx 3800 dollars when I bought the car. I had taken the car to the mechanic one time, and he mentioned that the entire passenger side (both doors, fenders) has been repainted... Sounds like a hell lot more than the 3800 estimated on record...

It indeed was an automated Car wash; "Touchless" by Petro Canada. I've filed a car wash report at the gas station just now, and I'm about to contact them online through their website.

I had also visited a BMW Dealership (Town and Country), and got a quote of $1100 tax included, for the entire job. If it requires me to pay out of pocket.. all the more reason to get an mtech bumper... lol... Probably cheaper than repairing it at dealer anyways.

Suggestions on how I should approach the initial contact with Petro Can?