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Originally Posted by Devils Advocate View Post
Pet stores carry a spray that gives off a nasty smell cats don't like, it's used for training household cats. When I had a problem with neighborhood cats, I used this. I sprayed it on my tires, front and rear bumper, and mirrors. Didn't have any more problems with cats. Only downside is you need to re-spray every couple days, but for a $5 can of it, I say it's well worth it.
Originally Posted by upstatedoc View Post
Any metal BB air pistol, not matter how softly pumped, is going to do angry things to your car when you inevitably miss a few times. That said, a small gun is probably the cheapest and quickest solution, though also the biggest pain: What I'd recommend is getting the cheapest, crappiest spring airsoft pistol you can find. Like, $5. Something you can shoot yourself with point-blank. Test it maybe on the inside of the open door just to be sure, but it shouldn't do anything to the paint. If you hit the cats in the face though, they'll get really uninterested in being on that car really fast, without getting hurt.

The spray is certainly interesting, though. That's probably a better bet, if you can stand the smell.

Another solution which may work, may not, is to piss on your own tires. We have tons of stray cats, a few of which use our back patio as a bathroom. The cat piss smell is super annoying. I'm trying the marking-my-territory thing, I'll let you know if it's effective at all.

I haven't noticed paw prints on my car or any in our parking lot (which is surprising) but if I do I'll probably try making an electric blanket to zap their paws just enough to train them away.