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Originally Posted by rich123321 View Post
You don't need to paint the amber reflector. You can just remove it! This is true for at least the halogens on pre lci
Just found this diy and it looks good removed. Idk if theres any legality issues tho. My e36 had no amber for a while and never had a problem, so I would think so. Thanks for the tip, will most likely go this route.

I also have a heatgun and dremel, so either way, these headlight are getting opened. I will most likely reseal with new sealant, any ideas for what sealant to use? Looking for something straight out of a bottle I can get at home depot.

Idk about blacking out the headlights now. It would be nice and I've been getting a lot of idea by looking at oneighty headlights but im concerned about painted the reflective areas... So I'll have to look into that.