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Originally Posted by romanonj View Post
I basically repurposed my old iPhone 3gs to be quasi permanent option on my iS.. It gets annoying when I forget to charge my phone the night before and end up unplugging 3gs and plugging iphone 5 using apple cable. It does charge it, I just cant access any of my tunes..

Do you know if there are actually hardware differences with later built 2011 models, or is it just newer software that allows that? It would be interesting to see if older 2011s can be reprogrammed to elimiate the need for the "Y" cable...
It's effectively only a software difference, but it's embedded software, and not embedded software BMW is prepared to update.

Basically, if you were a BMW design engineer, you could probably make it work, but otherwise you'd need to retrofit updated electronics.

EDIT: for the record, the hardware even in my '09 MULF SHOULD be capable of USB streaming from iOS, although it might possibly be a bit too slow to handle it. But there's no software that exists for those electronics to make it happen.