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Dunno, I'm startin' to wonder. Special-ordered maxed-out '04 M3 trans went out at 55k, dealer wanted $16k to fix & mechanic friend repaired for $3500.
Dealership pretended is rare, friend says not so rare with SMG. Luv the car but 'fraid when will go out again. Also have '12 M3 with 8500 miles took to dealership today 'cuz on tight turns the differential making (almost inaudable) sounds & feels like binding & horrific rear tire wear. Tech told me diff needs fluid & unrelated tires are my problem. I work on hot rods lots, but know of very few who can work on newish cars...if it breaks it is $$$. May be I'll go back to USA brands (Hummm, new CTS-V, yum!).