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SEC overrated is just laughable, there's no debate SEC is the best conference this year. You're just lying to youself.

the national championship is where to hang your hat for an SEC fan. Overall the rest of the SEC outside of the top 2 teams are about on par with the top of the other conferences. I wouldn't say Georgia was that much better than Nebraska, or S. Carolina was that much stronger than Michigan. SEC certainly did not dominate these games, they were all 4th quarter games, and you'll be lying to yourself if you thought those games were easy games to put your money on. UF losing to Louisville and LSU losing to Clemson shows that SEC is not top heavy at all. Overall a 5-3 in bowl games with teams with winning records...2 of them blow outs doesn't show me dominance.

Now the NCG, that's a different story. Bama is just leaps and bounds better than ND, and I would bet Texas AM would have done the same to ND, just in a different way. But would Bama have done the same to Ohio State or another team? I wouldn't say so. It's all about the match ups.

The preseason top 5 next year should start

1. Bama
2. Texas AM
3. Ohio State
4. Oregon
5. Louisville

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