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Originally Posted by 1QuikWS6 View Post
As you have found out the hard way - there IS a difference in the quality of cables to be had. This applies even to cables that 'appear' to be identical to the recommended ones. There is a varying degree of Quality Control (or the lack thereof) between mfg's.

That's the reason why members who started the coding section listed approved cables to buy that were known to work. With any others it's 'Hit & Miss' whether they work or not...

So many have decided to go with a cheaper cable & got the results you have found - but still they want to blame the non functioning on something else.

Glad to see you got your coding up and working though
All true. I have had much success over the years with basic needs satisfied by items found on eBay and similar discount sites, having learned over time what to watch out for. In this case however, I underestimated the recommendations to go with the $100+ cables as "1337" (Leet-ist) and overestimated my personal shopping experience in choosing a $50 middle-market product (although I'm certain I found Tmart somewhere through this site...? Luck of the draw I think). First shot was a messy pure scam piece of crap miss. Second scored a direct hit, but only by pure chance as far as I can tell!

Dodged a bullet, and learned something new (that leet's aren't "always" just being leety). Ha.