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Originally Posted by Seminole View Post
Georgia was some decent clock management away from beating Bama. Florida was just as close to beating Georgia and being undefeated, but gets worked by a Louisville team that was part of a 4 way tie for the Big East title. The same LSU team that beat South Carolina, and also nearly knocked off Bama, lost to a Clemson team that was solidly beat by the aforementioned Carolina. Hell, ND was a questionable goal line call away against Stanford from being 10-1 and out of the N.C. game. But the same Stanford team that lost to ND beat Oregon to keep them out of the championship game.

I think the parity is there, talent wise, it's just a matter of the SEC teams keep finding ways to win. One thing I have noticed is that no SEC team schedules a hard out of conference game in the middle of the season. They are either the first game of the season, the rivalry games the last game of the season after they play a cupcake the week before, or a bowl game. This gives them an advantage of having a couple of weeks preparation for the big out of conference games. Now with the exception of maybe the rivalry games, the opponents also have that same preparation, so maybe the SEC teams are just better coached and prepared. The SEC is also top heavy. Vandy, Kentucky, Tennessee, Auburn, Ole Miss, Missouri and even Miss State to an extent all were pretty bad this year. That leaves the teams at the top to duke it out with each other. The perception of the SECs dominance, earned or not, makes it so that when one of these top teams beats another they barely fall in the polls.

But plain and simple, ND didn't show up tonight.
Parity, plain and simple. I recently met a bama fan who thought the good times would just keep on rolling. Be careful, college football is cyclical.