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Hate to do this considering the age of this thread. But me and my buddies have been trying to hook up a basslink to my 08 e92 335i w/ logic.. Everything works but cant find the friggin remote wire. I everything single DIY in regards to remote wire; thin black wire (cant find), power wire (dam sub turns on as soon as i plug it in). So I came to the conclusion, must be the power wire but does it really turn off after 5 minutes and why does it power on as soon as all the wires are plugged in. Really just want to hook up this system without running any wires to the front etx.... So only option is to use the LVT if so, where do you hook the trigger wire too (green) on the LVT or run it to the power wire like it says on a majority including this one and hope it shuts off after five minutes. But still cant figure out why it would power the sub on as soon as i connect the sub. Help would be greatly appreciated been trying to figure this dam thing out for three days. thank you!